Peugeot Team Festina Replica

Richard Virenque

In the mid 1990’s Team Festina was riding with Peugeot bikes. their main rider was a man named Richard Verinque*. Peugoet used the popularity of the Race team and created a team replica bike. offered in a steel and Aluminum frames.

Steel Team Festina Replica
Aluminum Team Festina Replica

During the 1998 Tour De France, Team Festina was busted for using EPO ** this caused a ripple effect of authorities trying to investigate if any other teams were using EPO** also. which caused alot of the riders to protest how they were being treated***.

I have done some research on this bike and have not been able to find the matching model in a catalog. It appears from searches that there was two versions of the Festina Replica, a steel frame and this one with a aluminum frame. The steel frame looks to have come with Shimano RSX mix grouppo.

Tubing: Carbolite 103 Steel Tubing
Shifters: Shimano RSX STI 7 speed
Cranks:Ofmega Linea 52-42
Deraileur: Shimano 300 Exage
Wheels:Rigida rims; hubs, make unknown

Tires: Vittoria 700x22c

some Misc Info:

dbmtb on, stated

“They made loads of these ahead of the Tdf the same year as the Festina scandal.

They were on special offer before the Tour was over. They sold by the truckload.”

 Gumtree Ad:

I have the original receipt dated 27/6/98 from Dee’s of Amersham and it was £650 new.

*Richard Verinque

** EPO Wiki

*** Team Festina