1987 Centurion Ironman Expert

My favorite Ironman is right here, i love the color even in 1987 it was a unique color combination that stood out. A real head turner. its called Magenta and Yellow. alot say its pink, while i cant argue by todays standard it is pink, but during the late 80’s pink was typically alot brighter. this would be on par with purple in that time frame.

Dont Believe me look at the 1987 Centurion Catalog and it list the Expert as Magenta and Yellow. its here over at Vintage Centurion.com.

Originally equipped with the then new Shimano 105 component group with Nitto Bars and Stem the Ironman was a strong bang for the buck.

This is a 60cm Model it is almost all original as far as i can tell only things to have been changed is Tubes/Tires and Handlebar tape

Update 6/2017

Currently the Ironman is being displayed at the local Bicycle CO-OP !